Theculinary expertise of the KOI Restaurants is here declined in special catering menus. Choose the right catering program and the food you like,European and/or Asian styles.

You have now to decide among 4 main options:
1. Finger foods for an aperitif session or a full dining cocktail party
Make your selection through our large menu of “Savoury” or “Sweet” Finger Foods. All items may be ordered by 10 units.

This is the perfect choice for social gatherings: organize an aperitif session with drinks and finger foods before or after a conference, for example. This is not a dinner but you just wish to welcome or thank yourguests for attending your event, or even before a gala menu or a full buffet. People will be standing and our waiters will pass around with the trays. In this case, we recommend an average of 3 to 5 finger foods per guest.

You might prefer to organize your whole dinner like a full dining cocktail party. In this case, plan from 8 to 15 finger foods a person, with a mix of savouries and some sweets for the dessert.

2. Buffet & Walking Dinner
This option is perfect for large events. People may stand or sit. The whole menu will be at your guests’ disposal on a buffet and our waiters will serve them at the buffet. You can also combine this with an aperitif cocktail party and some finger foods before the main lunch or dinner.

Choose each dish that will be part of your buffet, in our large cateringmenu selection. Every dish will be cooked by multiple of 10 servings. For example: you expect 50 people to attend your event. You may order one same meat dish 5 times for the 50 guests but you may also want to offer diversity on your buffet. In this case, you will select up to 5 different main courses, each for 10 servings. Portions will then look smaller on the buffet but diversity will be there. Same process for the starters, salads, side dishes and desserts.

Download our menus. Make your dishes selection. The prices of each dish are suitable for 10 servings. Don’t hesitate to ask our catering managerfor advice or fine-tuning of your choice.

3. Gala menu served at the tables
This is the perfect choice for a more formal or intimate lunch or dinner, for a wedding party, a business meeting, … Your guests sit around tables and our waiters serve them like in a restaurant.

In this case, you’re going to select the same menu package of 2, 3 or 4 courses, for all your guests, in our Gala Catering Menus. With regard tothe price, it’s here worked out for the whole menu, by person.

4. Business Meeting Packages
At your office or in a KOI kemang Private Room, you plan a full day conference or training for your team or clients. This is the right package for you. First welcome your guests with a buffet breakfast. Follow with a coffee break in the morning. At lunch time, choose a buffet or a 2-courses menu served at the tables. And again, an afternoontea break. A free flow soft drinks package will be included so that youwon’t have to worry about anything !

We always dedicate a specific KOI team of cook(s) and waiters to your event, proportionally to the number of people you plan us to cater, whatever your catering program, wherever your event takes place.

To download our catering menus, please click on the tab corresponding with the program that you wish to select, up on this page.

Then go to the 3rd step and choose your drinks !

All our prices are subject to 10 % for the service and 10 % taxes.


Then go to the 3rd step and choose your drinks !