You wish to invite your friends at your birthday, wedding or farewell party. As a manager, you’re planning to organize a business dinner or meeting (like a conference, a seminar, a business fair, a party) with your team or your clients for the launch of a new product. You search for a nice and convenient place for a private sale or exhibition…

You already know about the KOI restaurants’ excellence. Experience now the KOI full-catering-service… at your place, your home or your office…. or… at one of the 3 Event Rooms in KOI Kemang !

Furthermore, you’ll appreciate the total flexibility for a 100% tailor-made event.

Build your event in 5 steps:

1. Choose the place where you wanna make it happen
Should it be your place (a home, a shop, an office, an event space), KOI is able to cater from 10 up to 1000 people ! Don’t know any suitable or available place, KOI Kemang puts two Private Rooms at your disposal at its 2nd floor to welcome up to 40 people each, but also a full floor of indoor and outdoor Event Space with a great rooftop terrace and a bar, able to welcome up to 300 people.

2. Choose the right catering program and the food you like
Aperitif for dining cocktails & finger foods, walking dinners & buffets… or even gala dinners sitting at the tables… at any time: lunch, dinner and even breakfast or coffee breaks! Then choose the food that your guests and yourself will appreciate in the KOI Catering menus. We offer you a total flexibility and personalization because you’ll be able to select each dish of your meal... from Asian to European styles and from starters to desserts assortments. Dishes are cooked by multiples of 10 servings.

3. Choose your drinks
Sign for free-flow packages with or without beer and wines, but also fresh juices, mocktails and cocktails bars. You will maybe prefer to order your drinks “à la carte” and your bottles of wines from the KOI large selection… or even bring your own bottles. All is possible.

4. Additional advice and support you might need to organize a perfect event
Wanting some tips for room decoration (flowers, specific theme), rental of furniture, crockery & cutlery, invitations & menus printing, musical animation and equipment, meetings audio & video equipment, photographer, … Ask us for advice.

5. Create your event step by step and ask for personal enquiry
Let us know about your project by filling the structured form in and submit it to us. Our Catering Manager will quickly contact you to discuss the details, make some recommendation and answer your questions. He will hand a detailed offer in to you.